Manchester Blogger Ends Xmas Advent Giveaway with a BIG HUG and a Get Together


Earlier today, I revealed the 3 lucky winners of the Xmas Advent Calendar Prize Draw and I thought a ‘brilliant’ way to end this little Brilliance Within Tradition would be to have a ‘Group Hug’.. you know me and ‘hugs’ by now – I love them!

So for all the lovely friends I’ve met along my journey, here’s an opportunity to ‘get together’ and share the love.. I’ve added links to all the commenters websites (sorry to those who’ve commented and haven’t got a website and I send you all a BIG HUG instead!)…

There are some fabulous blogs here so please take some time to pop across and visit each other and share some positive vibes as we enter what I hope is going to be an amazing year! I hope I haven’t missed anyone who commented on the Christmas Giveaway Advent Posts off the list… If I have…

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